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  4. The FNB App is now FREE to use on participating cellular networks
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He then asked me to log out, log back in and go to Online Banking Settings. I clicked on it and could now configure my OTP method settings. I thanked the consultant and ended the call. To my dismay, selecting email as the primary method for receiving OTPs resulted in an error. As soon as this happened, I remembered experiencing the same thing in the past. It has to do with the fact that FNB obscures the value of the setting they replace parts of the phone number or email address with an asterisk. But because there is no way to actually enter an email address, even though I can change my OTP method, it does not work.

Unfortunately, there is nothing positive to take away from this experience. I face increasing frustration when dealing with FNB. You either need to go into the bank to sort out issues you face with their online platform or call them. Who has the time or patience to stand in a queue at the bank to update a setting?

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I keep hearing people mentioning Capitec Bank — maybe now is the time to give them a go. If you liked this post, feel free to share it on Twitter. This was going nowhere, fast. The dreaded phone call I despise having to call a company for help and support purposes.

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  • The FNB App is now FREE to use on participating cellular networks.
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He now lives in New York, and is 5FM's tech correspondent for its tech 5 segment that airs every Wednesday at 12h You can reach him on me craigwilson. Related Items.

Get FNB Banking App - Microsoft Store

Striking against tech change is self-defeating. September 25, You can now get your health on with FNB rewards and Kauai. August 22, Semeer keshav August 23, , pm Please call me i need a new contract. Alroy August 24, , am I think thats fantastic.

How to change your FNB OTP method (in theory)

Dylbob August 26, , am Bruh. Max Frehse August 24, , pm How can you get a dual sim, i. Vaughan August 24, , pm Not so great, it roams of cell c….. Lindo August 25, , pm I need One, this is great.

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Johan August 26, , am Which network does it use. Marcel August 26, , am Is it not yet available on internet banking?

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Krause September 3, , am Still waiting for fnb to port my number for three weeks now. Sign In Login via your site account. Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. It provides enough space to handle the numerous application updates and enough space for basic user storage. It is not easy to be on level 5. If you take a prudent net view the average customer gets nothing for free. Well, its a business after all. There is a good way and a bad way to get on lvl 5.

You can either make more debt bad way or use their investment products good way.

I use the latter and it is actually a great incentive to save and to invest. None of those other devices offer a rebate.

The FNB App is now FREE to use on participating cellular networks

On level 5, the phone is virtually free. I am so getting this on Friday. Can FNB maybe focus on making sure their banking network is up and running rather than selling us cellphones! The X1 ships with a 16Gb memory card included, and you can format it to count as internal storage.


Which brings storage space up to 24Gb, which you can use for apps, photos, etc. Not all applications can be moved to a memory card. These apps get updated often and chew up space quickly. And on an 8GB phone usually only 4 — 6 GB is usable. Previous Article Justin Spratt to join Uber in top role.