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Simply purchase an iceberg lettuce and plum tomatoes from Aldi, then use the cashback app, CheckoutSmart, to claim 55p back.

To add a further ingredient, buy a cucumber for 49p from selected retailers, then use cashback app ClickSnap, to claim 15p back. With essentials out of the way, it's time to save on the picnic treats. You can't beat a basket full of finger foods to enjoy while you are soaking up the sun and with so many great offers around, why not spoil yourself! For a crunchy satisfaction, pick up two packets of Tyrrell's flavoured crisps on buy one get one free in Morrisons.

With so many flavours to choose from, including sweet potato and chipotle chilli, sweet chilli and red pepper and mixed root vegetable crisps, there's a flavour for everyone. What picnic would be complete without cocktail sausages?

Jus-Rol Emapanadas Recipe

Adding dried fruit pieces or sweets can really bulk up jelly and make it go much further when it's shared out. To make sure yours is as thrifty as possible, pick up a packet of Hartley's jelly in Morrisons for 42p, up to 17p cheaper than other supermarkets. If you're out and about all day, it's a nice mid-afternoon pick-me-up to have extra treats in your picnic.

Not only will these act as a special surprise on the day; but you can make your own too. Instead on buying store-made cakes, why not make your own at home? Jam tarts are one of the easiest deserts to make and they taste great. There's no better saving than a freebie! Should stick to posting electronics deals. I suppose the HUKD crowd prefers to eat cakes rather than bake them! Gr8 deal OP, Is there a brownie tray within these So it'd be a square ish tray. Good to see the persimmons NB- they are astringent when hard so let them soften, almost to a jelly feel and they will be gorgeous and unbelievably sweet Also, best deal on apples I've seen this autumn, they will keep well in the cold so I will be stocking up!!!!

Galas should be nice and sweet, esp if they are red ripe. Intrigued as to the 'mixed squash' - I'm guessing mini-pumpkin and other dinky veg, just in time for H'ween Thanks so much OP. All the cold votes were a bit offputting but the comments from you and others have encouraged me to make the time to post again. I just bought the deal. Yeah, you can buy the ingredients to make your own but this is convenient. What happened to the classic purple Wilton use on their products - this looks awful.

El camino Jesse Bruce Pinkman is back next month with new series on Netflix's, so we will hear that word from him yooo bi Or 75p per kg ,I have started shopping from sainsbury's 4 months ago ,each items are approximately between 5 to 15 p expensive than aldi's one but quality is twice better,still you can find items after work ,costumer service is much much better, parking space is wider, but I still go to aldi because it is so close to my house, y XD. Practically unusable if you don't have a spare battery.

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General Mills - Wikipedia

Yes you can take it out, it's a small round battery so would end up lost here if I was taking it out. I got one of these from ebay a few weeks back. It has been brilliant for weighing ebay parcels. Seems to be spot on in terms of accuracy. The top looks easy to wipe clean of any possible spillages be it caster sugar, baking powder etc Thank you y Tesco have free chocolate as well.

Some people like to make bread with fruit, seeds and nuts in them. You just put the fruit etc into the dispenser at the start and it automatically drops them into the dough at the right time. You don't have to be around.

Breadmakers that don't have the dispenser are more faff and you can't set them up on a delay start timer overnight or go out and leave them. You have to stick around to hear beeps that tell you when you can add the extra ingredients. Arold made a very valid point. I wouldn't buy a breadmaker that didn't have a dispenser. If it isn't an issue for some, fair enough. OP needs to add the fact that Costco Online membership is needed to buy online.

Great machine if you're not bothers about that.


If you can't get this in stock, take a look at this I posted a few weeks ago with 5 year guarantee. Good luck finding but excellent scales if you can. I have both and the Amazon ones are almost as accurate as the Tanita scale. Plenty of potato bread recipes out there. In case anyone here makes bread this is my favourite recipe.

Put it all ingredients in your kitchen aid and mix with your dough hook on low for 6 mins.

Dough should be as wet as possible I think Let rise. Shape and let rise again.

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When I make them each bun is 80 or g's. Then pop in a hot oven to I cook till they are nicely browned which I prefer takes about 10 mins or so. Also, the dough freezes well. Have bought the baking tray separately and it is v sturdy for the price. Some of the cheap ones seem really flimsy and twisty and this is v solid. Can't comment about durability of the coating yet. This is a fab price y..

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Still got loads left. This is also wider than the standard rolls at mm. Great find, thanks idon'tflycathay ;. Deal temperatures are the heart of hotukdeals If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus. Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold. Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion.

Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is. I always check the prices on the retailers website as sometimes savings are inflated but more often than not the deal site price is better.

How long can I store THAWED puff pastry in my fridge?

I managed to have a brilliant day out with a friend last summer using a combination of money-saving tricks and a Groupon deal, you can read all about that here. Paid surveys are a fab way of earning cash or high street vouchers. Some sites and apps can be more time-consuming whereas others take just a few minutes. Some apps are on device surveys asking questions about products, lifestyle, opinions on brands etc.

Curious Cat pays in points and each point is worth 1p, once you have points you can cash out instantly to PayPal. Android users get Amazon vouchers and Apple users get iTunes vouchers.